Business Investment Finance

The Brokerage provides personalised business investment finance services that unlock your company’s full potential.

Business Finance Broker

The Brokerage provides financial services designed to take your company’s investment plans in exciting new directions.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable finance brokers are committed to finding unique funding solutions that enable your business to reach its long-term investment goals.

We offer comprehensive financing solutions and are dedicated to ensuring your business feels confident about the process every step of the way. No matter the industry, our approachable team works hard to improve the returns of your business investment ventures.

Finance Solutions to Kickstart Your Business Investment

We understand that companies need smart commercial finance solutions to properly invest in their business. Whether you are a high-net earning business, a small business or anything in between – we can find tailored finance solutions for your needs.

We take the time to understand your business and what you are specifically looking for in your investment. By delving deep into your operations, existing capital, and cash flow movements, our team will deliver the best solution for your working capital cycle. whether it’s asset finance or one of our other finance options. Our team will free up your cash flow to allow for growth, and separate your personal assets from the financier’s collateral, before securing a lender that will support your company’s aspirations.

But our job doesn’t end there. Just because we have negotiated funding for your investment plans, doesn’t mean that we just leave you on your own. Instead, we are committed to maintaining strong communications beyond securing the deal. We stay in touch and assist your business with any covenant reporting, annual reviews, and pricing negotiations, strengthening the relationship between your business and your lender.

How can business investment loans help the growth of your business?

Funding is necessary for businesses to expand. It’s critical to have access to funds while making investments in personnel, tools, or equipment. Business investment loans offer a competitive interest rate and flexible access to your funds. This kind of financing is intended for entrepreneurs that require the flexibility to expand their operations and seize investment possibilities as they present themselves.

Business Investment Finance Services

At The Brokerage, no business investment finance job is too unique, too large, or too complex.

If your business needs funding for one of your investment plans, you can depend on us to keep working until we secure a solution for you.

Our complete range of business investment finance solutions include:

  • Import and export trade finance – securing your business an international trade finance loan that meets your working capital requirements and ensures your cash flow is well managed.
  • Overdraft finance – securing finance for any transactions or withdrawals that fall outside of your current account credit.
  • Invoice finance – brokering a percentage of the value of an invoice as security for future funding.
  • Equipment financing – smart funding solutions to finance the necessary equipment your business needs to grow.

Why The Brokerage?

Our finance brokers can streamline the application and approval process. We are familiar with the documentation and requirements of different lenders, and help businesses prepare a comprehensive and compelling financing proposal. This not only enhances the chances of approval but also expedites the overall process, allowing the business to capitalise on investment opportunities promptly.

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