Unsecured Business Loan

1 May 2022

Brisbane, QLD

Business Loan

Working Capital Funding

The Brokerage was engaged to arrange working capital funding to assist with an urgent unforeseen cost which was required within 5 working days. Business operation was only 18 months old and had no property collateral to offer as security.

Our Solution

The Brokerage was successful in providing funds, securing a Major 4 Bank lender.

Due to there not being any property collateral, our client had to provide four consecutive quarterly BAS & clear ATO portals. There was however a Directors Guarantee in place.

This product provided an alternative solution to short term financiers which saved significant interest cost and provided a much longer term to smooth cash flow. 

Loan AmountUp to $249,999


8% p.a variable, P&I repayments over 7 years


Major 4 Bank

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