Property Development Finance

Property development and construction finance you can count on.

The Brokerage provides unique finance solutions for property development and construction.

For years, our knowledgeable team has helped developers right across the east coast of Australia unlock the necessary funds for their development plans.

We enable developers and construction teams alike with financial solutions to get the job completed. Our team are willing to immerse themselves in your project to fully understand the financing you need.

In the changing climate of the construction industry, you need a capable team who can navigate this along side you. That’s why The Brokerage are here to help.

property development and construction finance

What is Property Development Finance?

Funding designated for the construction of new residential and commercial development projects is known as development finance or construction finance. Development finance provides funding for land subdivisions, the construction of highrise apartment buildings, and the renovation of office buildings. Property Development Finance is mostly used by developers to fund their projects (i.e. housing estates / land estates / highrise apartment buildings / commercial or industrial projects. For business owners, navigating the commercial finance landscape can be challenging. The Brokerage’s finance brokers can help with that. In order to increase your chances of getting lender approval, we work closely with you to understand the specific demands and funding requirements for your property development project!

How The Brokerage Can Help

Our finance brokers play a crucial role in streamlining the application process for property development finance. They assist developers in preparing comprehensive funding proposals, presenting the project in a way that appeals to lenders. This can include detailed financial projections, risk assessments, and a clear outline of how the funds will be utilised throughout the development process.

The complexities of property development finance can be daunting for developers. A finance broker acts as a guide through any challenges helping developers make informed decisions at each stage of the project. Their assistance is particularly valuable for those new to property development or for experienced developers looking to optimise their financing strategies.

Smart Property Development & Construction Finance Solutions

Whether you are a first-time developer or experienced in the industry, we commit ourselves to supporting you from the initial site settlement to the last sale made. You can depend on us to get the desired results – thanks to our coveted relationships with a vast panel of lenders, our ability to form unique solutions for clients in a number of industries, and our dedication to seeing the job through to the very end.

We can step in and assist with your finance at any point in your development process. Whether your issues are that your original funding fell through, construction supply disruptions, struggling to obtain pre-sales or need higher leverage and greater flexibility in your financing, we have what it takes to get the job done.

Finance Solutions You Can Depend On

At The Brokerage, our property development and construction finance solutions are based on our extensive knowledge, experience, and relationship with a panel of lenders and other industry experts.

We consult with valuers, surveyors, agents, town planners, and project managers, to ensure yor project gets the funding it needs.

At The Brokerage, we find reliable solutions for the following types of property development and construction projects:

  • Residential (land subdivisions, apartments, townhouses and private homes)
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Specialised (childcare centres, service stations, retirement villages, cold storage and medical specialist facilities etc)

Once we secure your finance, we don’t stop there. Instead, we maintain strong communication and ensure the relationship between your business and your lender remains firm and productive. You can depend on us to see your project through to completion and into the hands of a buyer.

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The Brokerage recently arranged funding to assist our client with the acquisition of a raw residential development site with capacity for 300+ apartments.