Asset Finance

Securing asset finance is essential in growing your business, look no further than the team of dedicated professionals at The Brokerage.

Asset Financing

The Brokerage provide smart solutions that allow your business to secure the equipment and other assets it needs to grow.

We work closely with your business to determine exactly what assets are needed and how to best negotiate finance in a quick and affordable manner.

Our team of experienced brokers work hard to get the desired results for you. We help you during every step of the asset financing process and maintain strong communication from beginning to end. You won’t be left in the dark about the current state of your asset finance, and your business’ needs always remain at the centre of our work.

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Smart Asset Finance Solutions

Your business needs new assets, and it needs them fast. Whether you are a trade business needing new vehicles, a medical centre requiring equipment, or a manufacturer requiring new machinery, obtaining these assets is the key to improving and growing your business.

However, all too often, obtaining the finance for those assets can feel like running up against a brick wall.

That’s where we step in. Your business’ growth shouldn’t be slowed down just because your current bank won’t approve your finance application. Businesses often use asset finance to acquire the necessary equipment or machinery to expand their operations, which is a strategic form of business investment to aid with business cashflow.

And it shouldn’t be slowed down just because your existing lender is taking too long to release the funds. Instead, you can depend on our team of proven finance professionals to find a unique solution that fast-tracks the lending process.

With our support, your business will have its hands on your new assets in no time – opening up the pathway for business growth and development.

The Benefits of Smart Asset Finance

Better cash flow management is one of the main benefits of Asset Finance. Businesses can choose asset finance as an alternative to paying a substantial upfront payment for assets, which frees up cashflow resources for other important expenses like expansion, operating costs, or unanticipated emergencies. Furthermore, asset finance offers flexibility with regards to repayment plans, allowing companies to select a plan that fits their cash flow patterns. Contact our team to find a solution for you!

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Finding the Best Approach to Asset Finance

We understand that each and every business is unique, which is why we take our time finding the best asset funding approach for your particular situation.

Your business needs finance approved for assets, and it needs it done quickly. You can rely on us to get the job done.
Asset finance solutions we offer our clients include:

  • Leasing Limit – an uncommitted loan that provides clients pre-approved funding up to a limit which provides a much faster finance solution.
  • DriveXpress – an online application quoting and submission tool for fast tracking applications.
  • Mitigating long loan processing times by dealing directly with banks that only offer fast-tracking on their applications.

No matter what assets you need funding for, we will find a solution that works. We have experience in funding non-standard assets such as fitouts, yellow goods, and surveying equipment, so you can have the peace of mind that we will support your financing from beginning to end.

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