Residential Finance

We are invested in securing your future with our residential finance solutions.

The Brokerage obtains extensive property financial solutions for all our residential clients.

Our dedicated finance experts can help guide your through the process of securing a loan, making the process of achieving your home ownership or renovating goals straightforward and stress-free. Residential finance for renovating offers numerous benefits, providing homeowners with the financial means to enhance and upgrade their living spaces. Whether it’s a small-scale renovation or a comprehensive remodelling project, utilising residential finance can significantly impact the overall success and satisfaction of the renovation process.

The Brokerage has a sizeable residential arm which was built off the success of the Commercial business. We pride ourselves on being able to service all capacities and deliver a diverse range of mortgage solutions. Our team of experienced brokers work hard to ensure that we match you with a lender who meets all of your needs.

We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise of the following funding options:

  • Next Home/Investment/Cash out
  • Maximising your borrowing capacity
  • Structuring or restructuring complex lending scenarios
  • Access to range of lenders with varying schemes/policy including:
    • First Home Loan Deposit Scheme
    • Guarantor Loans
    • Deposit bonds

The Brokerage team strives to help you make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals. 

Why a Finance Broker for Residential Finance?

Access to a variety of loan options is one of the main benefits of using a finance broker for residential financing. In order to provide our clients with a variety of mortgage options, The Brokerage collaborates with a number of lenders, including banks, non-banks credit unions, and private lenders. This diversity is particularly beneficial for homebuyers with unique financial circumstances or specific needs, as we can tailor their recommendations to align with individual preferences and financial goals.

Securing a mortgage with the help of a financial broker provides a thorough and customer-focused method. Finance brokers are essential in helping people understand the intricacies of residential financing since they give them access to a wide variety of loan packages, streamline the application process, and by leveraging relationships they have developed with lenders. Those looking to invest in a property will find that purchasing a home is easier and more informed because of our knowledge, individualised service, and ability to negotiate favourable prices.

The Role of Residential Finance Brokers

By serving as an intermediary for potential homeowners and financial institutions, finance brokers streamline the application and approval processes for mortgages.

  1. Provide a range of loan options: By partnering with multiple lenders, finance brokers provide homeowners with access to a broad variety of financing options. Our ability to customise financing solutions to match each client’s particular needs and financial profile is made possible by our knowledge and diversity
  2. Valuable Guidance: It can be very difficult to navigate the complexities of residential financing. We offer professional advice, helping with paperwork, and making sure clients make well-informed decisions at every stage of the process.
  3. Financial Assessments: The Brokerage provides comprehensive financial evaluations, taking into account variables like income, credit history, and outstanding obligations. This evaluation assists in figuring out our clients borrowing capability prior to submission, so that loans fit their budget.
  4. Finding a solution: Our industry relations with multiple lenders allows us to negotiate favourable terms on behalf of our clients.

Our Areas of Residential Finance Expertise