Construction Finance

The Brokerage takes the stress away by guiding you towards a construction finance solution that works for your needs.

Let us guide you through the difficulties of home construction finance.

The Brokerage offers smart construction finance solutions for Australian homeowners in need of funding for their next renovation project. Our team of expert finance professionals have the knowledge, experience, and industry connections to find a solution that works for your needs. With our support, you will be matched with a lender who will fund your next renovation and help you meet your vision.

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What is a Construction Loan?

The purpose of a construction loan is to provide you with the funds you need to complete a construction project. This can cover the supplies you’ll need for the job, labour charges, and any additional expenses you incur while building the project all the way to completion.

This loan will pay for all expenses incurred during the course of your project, from planning, insurance, and preparation to building, finishing touches, and installing fixtures. In order to obtain your loan, you must ensure that all of your supporting documentation is in order and that you possess the necessary permits and registrations to complete the job, whether it will be done by you or by a third party.

Our Smart Construction Finance Solution

Home constructions open up a world of exciting possibilities for you and your property – whether you are finally in a place to start that expansion, or are looking to renovate your investment property to increase its value.

However, those possibilities come at a price. Costs for materials, plans, and labour quickly add up. Home construction loans help to mitigate these costs, but applying in a hurry can easily become stressful and over-complicated.

We have built up a vast network of mainstream and non-mainstream lenders over the years, allowing us to find a specific outlet to fund your home construction project in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Our guarantee is that we uphold strong communication throughout every step of the process, so you are always aware of the current state of your home construction loan. After we have secured your finance, we ensure your relationship with your lender remains strong for the long term.

Construction loans, with the assistance of finance brokers, open the door to turning your construction dreams into reality. By understanding the role of construction loans, the benefits they offer, and the expertise that finance brokers provide, you can embark on your construction project with confidence. From tailored financing to expert guidance, construction loans empower you to create the space you’ve always envisioned

The Benefits of Acquiring a Construction Loan

A construction loan offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable financial tool for individuals embarking on building projects.
Firstly, construction loans provide flexible funding tailored to the unique needs of a construction project, covering various expenses such as materials, labour, permits, and other construction-related costs.
The interest-only payments during the construction phase offer financial flexibility, allowing borrowers to manage costs more effectively until the project is complete.
Construction loans provide access to professionals such as architects and contractors, ensuring that the project adheres to building codes and industry standards.
Construction loans are progressively drawn down as the various stages of construction are completed. This means that rather than making repayments on the entire loan amount you are only making repayments on the amount that has been drawn down to date.

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