Government Write-Off Incentives

1 September 2021

Brisbane, QLD

Equipment Write-Offs

Heavy Industry Equipment

Our long-term existing client is a large purchaser of heavy industry equipment, which until recently, had been financed through a single lender via The Brokerage.

Their business is growing rapidly and as such, they have trusted our team to remain on-the-pulse for any opportunities which may assist in increasing cashflow, as well as faster transaction times.

Our Solution

The Brokerage was able to arrange a new $3 million leasing limit with an alternative lender, enabling the customer to take advantage of the current equipment write-off incentives being offered by the Australian Government.

This in turn has provided our client with competitive tension on quotes and increased turnaround, as approvals are already in place for both lenders with an ability to fund a wider variety of asset types.

Loan Amount$3,000,000
Loan TypeEquipment Finance
LenderMajor Lender
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