Business Equipment Finance

We have assisted our clients in securing a range of equipment finance.

The Brokerage has financed an array of machinery, heavy duty vehicles and luxury cars.

Over the years, the team has excelled in providing equipment finance solutions for a variety of clients. Whether it was an excavator, heavy duty digger or trucks to site equipment, our brokers have enabled our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Equipment Finance Brokers

For several industries, quality equipment finance is essential to the success of the company. However, the significant costs associated with acquiring new equipment and slow turnaround from banks can be a significant financial burden for manufacturing or construction businesses. Equipment financing allows businesses to acquire the appropriate equipment to operate without impacting their financial stability. It’s a popular method for financing the purchase of pricey machinery, equipment, tools, automobiles, or any other kind of equipment required for business operations. The Brokerage has Equipment funding solutions suitable for helping clients achieve their goals. Whether you’re a construction development company or commercial property looking for equipment financing solutions, we have several solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Finance Your Equipment With The Brokerage

Financing equipment allows the borrower to spread the cost of equipment over time, making it easier to manage while preserving revenue for other business operations. Whether its purchasing heavy machinery for a construction project or medical equipment as a part of our medical finance solutions. Our brokers work closely with our clients to design customised financing plans that align with their budget and growth objectives. We have helped many clients over the years receive appropriate equipment finance loans. In August 2020 we helped finance the purchase of several pieces of earth moving equipment totaling $820,000.This pre-approved limit gives our client cash flow certainty and the ability to purchase goods during the operations.

Quick & Efficient Approval Processes

At The Brokerage we specialise in equipment finance to speed up the approval procedure and the purchase of required equipment. Different from your typical financing options, which need prolonged admin processes, our brokers take advantage of our connections to several lenders to obtain quicker approvals. Through this quick procedure, companies are guaranteed to receive the equipment they require in a timely way, preventing production delays or lost business opportunities!

Equipment Finance for Residential Loans

Equipment Finance works hand in hand with both commercial and residential finance, and is frequently used alongside our construction finance solutions. Equipment finance is crucial in providing businesses with the money they need to buy, upgrade, or replace their machinery and equipment. These may include excavators, loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, cranes and concrete mixers or can extend to smaller tools such as power tools. The Brokerage will work with our clients to create a financial plan that is tailored to the business needs. This way, enterprises can expand their operations without having to worry about extra expenses or significant upfront costs. Once we secure the finance, we ensure you can depend on us by providing you with the resources you need to grow.

Our Experience in this Industry

 See how we assisted our clients maximise their finance and reduce risk.  

The Brokerage introduced an existing client to a third new financier in as many transactions to spread risk and to create a relationship with a new lender.

Why Choose The Brokerage For Equipment Financing?

For organisations looking to invest in the latest technology and equipment without placing a strain on their financial resources, equipment financing through brokers is the best solution. At The Brokerage our equipment finance brokers give businesses the tools they need to run more efficiently by providing a variety of financing choices, flexible payment plans, and efficient approvals.

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The Brokerage specialises in commercial and residential financial services, designed to maximise returns and minimise stress for our clients.