Refinancing with The Brokerage

22 June 2023

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The residential refinancing experience just got a whole lot easier with personal support from our expert team. If your current loan is looking a little outdated, our friendly professionals can help to refinance according to your goals. Whether you’re looking to change to a shorter term, more appealing interest rate, or even a different loan all together, The Brokerage has the expertise to get the job done. 

How Does it Work?

Refinancing with The Brokerage is simple. We know our customers have busy schedules, so we aim to make the process as easy as possible, even down to in-home, or cafe-across-the-street appointments. We offer our clients as much support as needed, keeping up communication from initial consultation, verification, approval, and beyond. 

The Brokerage Does it Better

We’re invested in finding the best solution for our clients, and we know that no two solutions look the same. This is why we take the time to get to know each one, focusing on the most effective means of refinancing according to every client’s individual goals. 

Depending on these individual objectives, one or all of our services may be required to save our clients’ money. We cover the analysis of their current home loan, scan the market for cheaper rates and negotiate with the current and other potential lenders. We also review the overall loan structure, secure cashback offers, and provide post-settlement support with proactive bi-annual rate reviews.

Online Refinancing Just for You

We can now offer an entirely digital experience throughout our clients’ process to refinance. We can conduct initial consultation, application, and approval through entirely safe online methods. All correspondence is able to be conducted via video calls, and customers can check their repayment logs, and update details with ease through an encrypted portal.

We are committed to ensuring this digital process is as secure as possible. Our team undertakes regular training in safe digital practices, and our IT professionals are thorough in the checks and balances we know are required in offering an online refinancing solution.

The Brokerage is proud to be able to provide our services more readily to those with busy schedules, those who live remotely, those who travel frequently, and all those who are just looking to uncomplicate their refinancing. We look forward to unlocking new ways in which going digital benefits our clients, saving them time and money with a stress-free process.

Get Started

To streamline your residential refinancing experience, reach out to the experts at The Brokerage today.