Nyssa Hansen

Analyst, Brisbane

Nyssa is a seasoned finance professional with a distinguished journey marked by her expertise and dedication. Holding a Cert 3 in Financial Services, she embarked on her finance career in July 2011, initially contributing her skills to the Finance division of Cash Converters before transitioning to the realm of mortgage broking in 2017.

Nyssa’s genuine passion for her work shines through her heartfelt interactions with clients. Her gratification lies in the ability to share the momentous news of successful loan applications, a sentiment that is particularly profound when dealing with First Home Buyers who may have harbored doubts about their eligibility. This compassionate and results-driven approach underscores Nyssa’s commitment to empowering individuals in their financial endeavors.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Nyssa finds solace and joy in the company of her faithful canine companion. Her adventurous spirit extends to the great outdoors, where she relishes the experience of camping alongside friends and family.


Nyssa’s trajectory exemplifies a dedicated finance professional who seamlessly blends a comprehensive industry background, a client-centered ethos, and a zest for outdoor exploration.


  • Bachelor of Arts – Economics (UNE)
  • Guy Hewartson is a credit representative 364870 of BLSSA Pty Ltd, ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237)


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