Hudson McGown

Analyst, Brisbane

Currently advancing towards completing a Bachelor of Business Management and Finance at Queensland University of Technology, Hudson embraces the role of Analyst here at The Brokerage.

Hudson’s journey in the finance sector has been a blend of academic achievements and a hands-on approach to learning, with a keen focus on stocks, cryptocurrency, and an ever-growing interest in real estate investing.

Hudson’s experience in hospitality and small business operations, where he played a pivotal role in customer service and improving business processes, has equipped him with a unique perspective on client relationships and operational excellence.

At The Brokerage Hudson is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for clients, continually striving for excellence in all aspects of his service.

Beyond the financial world, Hudson is a passionate sports enthusiast, dedicating his time to MMA, going to the gym, running, golf, and snowboarding, experiences which have shaped his discipline and strategic approach in professional settings.


  • Bachelor of Business Management and Finance (Currently Completing)


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