Owner Occupied First Home Buyer

1 November 2021

Sydney, NSW

First Home Buyer Loan

Purchase of an existing unit.

After applying at a major bank with no success, our client’s parents reached out to The Brokerage in search of alternative solutions for their daughter, as existing clients themselves.

Our Solution

With the contract finance clause expiry date fast approaching and a 10% deposit no LMI required, the options were limited for our client, however due to their profession as a solicitor, we were able to negotiate 90% no LMI, no minimum income requirements. In order to take advantage of this policy, applicants are required be a member of their state’s Law Society.

The Brokerage were able to meet the client’s finance and settlement dates, leaving them very pleased with the outcome.

Loan Amount$445,500
Interest Rate1.94% with 90% Gearing 
LenderMajor Bank
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